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The Right Phases for Drug De-Addiction Now

Self-knowledge is the first way to recovery. This saying is especially true for addicts. Because only when they realize that they are dependent – such as alcohol or drugs – they can get away from it. Many contact points help with the exit.

Find ways out of addiction

Immediately after getting up the first glass of schnapps or sitting in front of the slot machine until late at night: Addiction can take on different shapes and proportions. For the most part, those affected are in a vicious circle for years without finding a way out of addiction. However, those who are fed up with addiction and addictive substances can get help at various points relatively easily.

  • “At first, a withdrawal may be necessary,” says the expert. It is primarily about the physical detoxification. “Thereafter, usually a medical rehabilitation is on, which can be carried out either outpatient or inpatient depending on the starting position and severity.” As a rule, however, a medical report is needed. The waiting period can be bridged with further discussions in the outpatient counseling center or a self-help group – and is usually worthwhile.

But until that happens, it’s often a long way to go. “Most addicts take years to admit their addiction and are ready to accept help. It also belongs to the clinical picture that the insight is missing, that one is dependent. Therefore, it is extremely important for relatives and friends, until then to cope with the situation itself. It’s best to get help for yourself and concentrate on your own life. They should protect their health and learn to behave consistently. This could help self-help groups or outpatient counseling centers. “If they live their lives, this also gets their relatives moving.” This is often a long process, but it leads to the goal. At the orange county lighthouse location an escape is possible.

Some antidepressants and many medications for epilepsy, nausea, allergies and colds also have depressant effects. When taken with other depressants, such as alcohol, they may slow down dangerously, or even stop breathing. Alcohol can also be dangerous with other drugs, such as those used against heart problems, blood clotting problems, fungal and bacterial infections and diabetes, by reducing the effects, or by producing unexpected and undesirable effects.

  • Although it is a stimulant, cocaine can also weaken the breathing or make it irregular. By taking cocaine with heroin, consumers may die of respiratory depression.
  • Taking multiple drugs at one time may also impair your ability to drive or operate a machine.

Legal issues

A conviction for narcotics offenses can have a serious impact on a person’s life. The offender may be liable to a fine, prison, and have a criminal record. With a criminal record, it is difficult to find employment and travel abroad. Subsequent convictions often result in more severe sentences.

Athletes who consume a prohibited substance by their local, provincial, national or international sport organization are at risk of being convicted of narcotics offenses. They risk not being able to practice sports, and their sentence may later hinder their career path.

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