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Warts are due to the viral growth and this can be formed anywhere in the skin. But the most common affected places are plantae, neck, face, and hand. This is also proved that the cause of appearance is human papilloma virus, and HPV that have more than 100 species in that. In that many of this contributes to the malignisation of growth. By this, we cannot identify with the appearance of any growth in our human body.  To diagnose this problem, you should consult the expert dermatologist and they easily find the nature and type of growth of virus. They also differentiate the viral attack from other skin damages. The following article will help you for all problems regarding viral growth.

Many have a question that why do the warts are on fingers and hands appear? What may be the cause for that and how are they transmitted? Almost 2 % of children and adolescent at least once in a time had the contact with warts among the environment among all 10% are facing this disease at different ages. The infection with the different types of papilloma virus is that much easy given in the presence of micro trauma on skin.

  • This can be due to the direct contact of the healthy skin with the affected person
  • The other reason is that due to the household way i.e. through personal hygiene products, clothing, and some household items.

The plantar and the hand warts are caused by some HPV type viruses. The incubation period of all these viruses is about 2 to 6 months. Though in the case of infection with papilloma virus, even the healthy and strong body may easily stop its progression and proliferation, so the main cause of these problem on the skin for adults and childrens is due to the reduction of body defense like prolonged stress, fatigue, malnutrition, negative external effects like chemical emissions from industrial cities, radiation, bad food, hormonal disorders, and some other factors.

This type of virus is transmitted in some areas with humid and warm air, therefore spas, gyms, saunas, sports, swimming pools, are the most common sites for the transmission of infection.

But, the most popular place of warts on hand is common; since this is due to the maximum contact at games, work, outdoors, and at home is made especially through hands only. And the children may desire to tear or scratch on the warts and due to that it may increase the effect virus to some other parts of skin, and if someone has the practice of nail biting can also cause to spread this disease. Without the proper treatment the warts under nails and on fingers may reproduce, damage, merge, and proliferate the nail.  Get the proper treatment for warts on hands at the reputed place.

This can be accompanied with the increased blood flow to the places of virus infection and promote the growth of these cells. Sometimes this methods is very common and while the mart appears within 1 or 2 weeks of time. So, be careful if you have marts consult dermatologist and find the solution for that.

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